ScreenIT Daily Activity Log

Add the time you clocked in/began working for the day
Add the time you clocked out/stopped working for the day: Note: There is a 30 min break required after 4 hours work.
BOD: Begin of day summary: Web Form: Today I'm working on 1. xxx and xxx or I'm meeting with xxx customer. 2. Outbound text, email & call followup between 00:00am to 00:00pm EOD: My 5 COMPLETED IS [add percentage here]; CALCULATION; 10 steps in all, if any 1 task not 100% - deduct 10% for each task not completed. For example; if 8 tasks 100% than 80%, if 10 than 100%. End of day summary: Today I finished xxx and xxx. Didn't get to xxx and will complete that by xxx. Need this from Deb: xxxxxxx
SEE PROCESS 1. Review inbound leads via text 2. Review inbound leads via email; check success & admin; review spam folder for leads 3. Ensure all data is present, name, address, mobile, email address. If existing customer, get contact information from customer info sheet shared google drive. 4. Measure property address; Enclosure Build: long side, short side. Calculate using measurements sheet. Assume 10 ft height. 5. Create CRM record for all inbound leads 6. Collect Zillow/redfin link for the property address 7. Create Build Estimate if applicable or add a note in CRM as to reason it was not created. 8. CRM Backoffice Update: Est home area & home value from Zillow/Redfin if higher than automated fill in. QLV at equal to build estimate highest option, if no build estimate is created QLV = $1, Permit Required: Build = Yes; all other =NO, Lead Status “Est Needed”, Lead Type, Customer Requirements, Assign to Sales, Property manager if applicable, Property Manager or 2nd email if applicable. 9. If web lead/email or direct text lead [not from answer first]. Provide lead with calendly link to schedule a phone appointment with our design consultant.
SEE PROCESS Since the same text is being sent weekly, we should just setup a cadence using textrequest automated text feature. Find out if we can set it up to send automatically same time once per week.
SEE PROCESS Advise tasks not complete; ask team member for status list any old tasks or not responded tasks.
SEE PROCESS Email/Text inbound customer or vendor questions - text Deb -will advise what to respond, you can keep records on standard responses for use in the future. Email accounts: [[email protected], ] [[email protected]]
SEE PROCESS SEE PROCESS Login to Monday permit board, review the status on each permit, email permit runner or inspected in project messages for updates. Audit new permits with permit runner and ensure all of the paperwork is correct. Before any permits are filed, call the muni, with the paperwork in front of you and ensure everything is in order. Paperwork is all collected and that we didn't miss any specifics that the muni needs. At times they need survey to have 2 stamps and they need pool setbacks and any modification to existing must be drawn in manually. This is our permit expeditor Login [email protected]/Welcome1234; this is our engineering firm [email protected]. Engineering info We use florida engineering. If you see a permit "engineer Ord" that means we are waiting for FL Eng to design and send back to us in a "review" file. Once we upload to inspected and they approve it, it goes back to FL eng to be sealed with a signature. Then it can be added to the permit folder for the customer on Google Drive. Orders are [email protected], follow up is [email protected]
SEE PROCESS Request status from Deb on Open jobs on "Job Board" via text