ScreenIT Daily Activity Log

Days: Every Weekday Due by 10am EST Updated on Monday.com task & text to Deb
Days: Every Weekday by 10am EST Updated no older than 4 working days
Days: Every Weekday 2 times per day 10AM & 4PM Review email boxes and text request; send summary via text to Deb 2 times per day
Days: Every Weekday Hours: 10am EST to Noon EST & 1pm EST to 4pm EST. Leads Inbound: Inbound calls will be sent via text from answering service. Add to lead to CRM, add notes from lead, text lead and ask if they would like to hop on a call to discuss the vision of their project if yes, then alert Deb via text with first last address & mobile. Deb will measure and get on the call and qualify lead. Deb will assign lead if qualified to Maddy to follow up if not sold over the phone.
Days: Tues & Thursday - Hours: 10am EST to Noon EST & 1pm EST to 4pm EST. Prospect followup; text request or email only; ,2 follow ups per week maximum. Set appointments to "hop on a call or zoom" zoom we can provide an instant price & material options in less than 15 mins. No onsite appts are set without Deb first qualifying customer.
Days: Every Tuesday & Thurs by 10AM EST We use florida engineering. If you see a permit "engineer Ord" that means we are waiting for FL Eng to design and send back to us in a "review" file. Once we upload to inspected and they approve it, it goes back to FL eng to be sealed with a signature. Then it can be added to the permit folder for the customer on Google Drive
Days: Every Tuesday & Thurs by 10AM EST Review status of permits - summarize and text to Deb. Check in with permit runner for updates
Days: Every Tuesday Due by 4pm EST Hello, Please advise if mail has arrived at our locations Reputation Simple Tampa, ScreenIT Naples & Bonita Springs. Approved to charge us to mail once every week. Please do not mail bulky items just letters or checks. [email protected]
Days: Every Tuesday Due by 4pm EST Add all jobs in sold status from the CRM. Add all information you can and then ask status on things that are not "done" status
Days: Every Thursday Due by 4pm EST Schedule text message for 7pm EST on text request.com Review links are located here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CZaAAZqCv8BRxo3Av8Xfic2G5oHG6nbeYUxMmK_i274/edit#gid=0 using text request; schedule request with a link to the location nearest to the job; your team needs to get a support ticket or watch a video on how to schedule texts on textrequest.com
Days: Every Weekday Due by 4pm EST Advise tasks not complete; ask team member for status list any old tasks or not responded tasks. Add summary here https://qoa.monday.com/boards/5937089730/pulses/6188219696
Add any issues or concerns or things that are behind and when they will be completed