Average Pool Cage Replacement Cost: A ScreenIT® Guide

When your pool cage needs a repair or your pool cage needs replacement, count on the experts, we have got you covered. At ScreenIT, we understand the importance of having a fully functional and beautiful Pool Cage oasis to relax and enjoy.

ScreenIT Pool Cage Replacement Cost

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Owning a pool in the picturesque regions of Southwest Florida is a privilege that comes with the necessity of maintenance and, at times, replacement of pool enclosures. A pool cage not only accentuates the aesthetics of your outdoor space but also provides a safety net against external elements. Since 2009, ScreenIT® has been at the forefront of crafting luxury pool cages in this region. 

This article highlights the average costs entailed in replacing a pool cage, underlining factors that influence these costs, and how ScreenIT® stands out in providing cost-effective, high-quality solutions.

Understanding the Significance of Pool Cages

A pool cage, typically fabricated from robust aluminum frames and mesh screening, is a protective shield for your pool area. It keeps out unwanted intruders such as insects, debris, and animals, ensuring a cleaner, safer swimming environment.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Replacement

Replacing a pool cage is a substantial investment, and understanding the various cost factors can significantly aid in budget planning. Here’s an expanded analysis of the elements influencing the cost of replacement:

  1. Size of the Pool Cage:
    • Larger cages undoubtedly require more materials, which forms a significant portion of the overall cost.
    • Additionally, the labor required for installation is directly proportional to the size of the cage. Hence, a larger cage will demand more person-hours, escalating the labor costs.
  2. Material Quality:
    • Opting for premium materials like stronger aluminum or specialized screens can significantly drive up costs. Still, they offer better durability and possibly better aesthetics.
    • Furthermore, high-quality materials can provide better resistance to adverse weather conditions, which is crucial, especially in regions prone to storms and hurricanes.
  3. Design Complexity:
    • Customized or intricate designs require more craftsmanship and possibly specialized materials, contributing to higher costs.
    • Additionally, complex designs require more installation time, increasing labor costs.
  4. Local Labor Rates:
    • Labor costs vary based on geographical location due to differences in the local economy, cost of living, and demand for skilled labor.
    • It’s advisable to research local labor rates to have an accurate understanding of the costs involved.
  5. Permitting and Inspection Fees:
    • Adhering to local regulations is essential for ensuring the safety and legality of your pool cage installation.
    • Securing permits and undergoing necessary inspections incur fees, which add to the project’s overall expense.
    • It’s essential to factor in the time required for the permitting process as it could potentially extend the project timeline, affecting the scheduling and availability of labor and materials.

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Average Cost of Replacement with ScreenIT®


The process of replacing a pool cage involves several cost components, and the total expense typically falls between the range of $8,000 to $15,000. This estimate encapsulates the charges for materials and labor essential for the project. A distinguishing feature of engaging with ScreenIT® for this venture is the provision of instant pricing, a service designed to offer customers a clear, upfront comprehension of the financial commitment involved.

Cost Breakdown

Delving deeper into the cost structure unveils a more detailed insight into where your investment is channeled:

  1. Materials

The materials constitute a major portion of the expense, accounting for 60% to 70% of the total cost. ScreenIT® leverages high-quality materials crafted to endure the test of time while upholding aesthetic appeal. The cost of materials encompasses the sturdy aluminum frames and mesh screens, which are fundamental in constructing the pool cage.

  1. Labor

Labor is another substantial cost component, typically 30% to 40% of the overall expense. ScreenIT® employs skilled artisans whose expertise ensures a seamless and efficient installation process. The labor cost reflects the meticulous attention to detail and professionalism that ScreenIT® brings to your project.

  1. Permitting and Inspection Fees

While these fees might constitute a smaller portion of the total cost, they are crucial for compliance with local regulations. ScreenIT® assists in navigating through the permitting process, ensuring all legal requisites are met, thus fostering a smooth project execution.

The transparent cost breakdown provided by ScreenIT® alongside the instant pricing feature aids in eliminating any financial ambiguities, enabling customers to plan their budget effectively. The meticulous allocation of resources towards quality materials, skilled labor, and legal compliance ensures that every dollar spent is invested toward a durable, aesthetically pleasing, and compliant pool cage replacement.

Why Choose ScreenIT® for Your Pool Cage Replacement

With a legacy of crafting luxury pool cages, ScreenIT® takes pride in its speedy project completion record in Southwest Florida. Our presence in Bonita Springs, Naples, and Sarasota, spanning across Collier County, Lee County, and Sarasota County, amplifies our reach and ability to serve customers promptly. Our factory-direct Pool Cage Warranty and a stellar 4.7 Google Review average underline our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Being fully licensed by the State of Florida and carrying liability and worker’s compensation insurance, we ensure our clientele a seamless, protected experience.


What is the average cost of replacing a pool cage with ScreenIT®?

The average cost of replacing a pool cage ranges between $8,000 to $15,000, covering materials and labor costs.

How does ScreenIT® provide a cost estimate for pool cage replacement?

ScreenIT® offers an instant pricing feature that gives customers a clear, upfront cost estimate, aiding in effective budget planning.

What factors influence the cost of replacing a pool cage?

The cost is influenced by the size of the pool cage, material quality, design complexity, local labor rates, and permitting and inspection fees.

What materials are typically used by ScreenIT® for pool cage construction?

ScreenIT® primarily uses robust aluminum frames and mesh screening for pool cage construction, ensuring durability and aesthetics.

Does ScreenIT® offer any warranty on the pool cage replacement?

Yes, ScreenIT® offers a factory-direct Pool Cage Warranty, reflecting confidence in the quality of work and materials used.


Replacing a pool cage is a significant investment. Still, with ScreenIT®, you are assured of quality and durability, transparent pricing, and unparalleled customer service. By understanding the cost factors and choosing a reputable company like ScreenIT® for your pool cage replacement, you are making a well-informed decision toward maintaining a beautiful and secure pool environment.

Take the next step in securing a top-notch pool cage replacement by reaching out to ScreenIT®. Click here to request your instant pricing, or contact our dedicated team for a personalized consultation. Your journey towards a beautiful and safe pool environment begins with ScreenIT®!

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Colleen DeLuca
Colleen DeLuca
Excellent! There for me at every turn. Deb was there for me every time I reached out. She is very knowledgeable about the intricacies of the job and a pleasure to deal with. When an obstacle arose, she and the crew went above and beyond. I HIGHLY recommend their services.
nedy Landa
nedy Landa
Thank you very much for your excellent customer service and attention to detail. We are very happy with our new pool cage, and looking forward to having our family visit without the hassle of mosquitos!
Hammer Down
Hammer Down
Screenit did such an amazing job with our full view enclosure rejuvenation. Would highly recommend everything went flawlessly from design to execution.
Paula Griffin
Paula Griffin
I had my screen enclosure done by ScreenIt. I couldn’t be any happier with their work. ScreenIt does the highest quality work in Naples Florida. If you are looking to get any screen enclosure or pool cage in Naples, ScreenIt is hands down the best contractor around. I can’t thank them enough for doing such and amazing job with my enclosure! Thank you so much!
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Richard Mercadante
Thank you for doing a great job, fast and efficient. Highly recommend


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